Race Dates 2015

2015 Race Dates

May 23, 24 – O'Keefe Ranch

July 25 – Grindrod

August 8, 9 – Chilliwack Fair

September 11, 12 – Salmon Arm

September 19 – Agassiz Fall Fair

September 25, 26 – O'Keefe Ranch (to be confirmed)

October 10 – Armstrong Pumpkin Festival

*Waiting on a date to be confirmed for a race in Kamloops.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

First Post Ever

Hi, My name is Owen. I belong to the Fraser Valley Lawn Mower Racing Association.

At this time, we have nine members of our club. This year we anticipate that we will have about ten races to hit up in BC. A few of them will be in the Fraser Valley, but the majority will be in the Vernon area. At this time, I would like to see some more people join. I have recruited a couple of friends at this point.

Lawn Mower racing is a fairly inexpensive sport. I started with a beat up 1992 Craftsman. Over the past two years, I have put a few hours into it to make it what it is today. My mower can reach speeds of around 70kmph. Right now I have two mowers that are ready to race.

Anyway, send me a message if you have any questions or are requiring any info about racing. I plan on updating this site on problems I have and solutions I have found, race dates and info, and club gatherings. I would also like to get some photos and videos of our races, members and mowers.


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