Race Dates 2015

2015 Race Dates

May 23, 24 – O'Keefe Ranch

July 25 – Grindrod

August 8, 9 – Chilliwack Fair

September 11, 12 – Salmon Arm

September 19 – Agassiz Fall Fair

September 25, 26 – O'Keefe Ranch (to be confirmed)

October 10 – Armstrong Pumpkin Festival

*Waiting on a date to be confirmed for a race in Kamloops.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Send me your photos!

If you have a photo or video of your mower or a race you were in and you would like it on the site please send it to my email. I'd really like to have club mowers on the site.

If you're from another club, send me a pic and some info about the kind of mower you have, how fast it goes and whatever info you would like to share. I would love to post about you and your mower.


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