Race Dates 2015

2015 Race Dates

May 23, 24 – O'Keefe Ranch

July 25 – Grindrod

August 8, 9 – Chilliwack Fair

September 11, 12 – Salmon Arm

September 19 – Agassiz Fall Fair

September 25, 26 – O'Keefe Ranch (to be confirmed)

October 10 – Armstrong Pumpkin Festival

*Waiting on a date to be confirmed for a race in Kamloops.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

End Of Season Video Wrap Up

It was a great year. We raced Aldergrove, Chilliwack and Agassiz for our local races. Some of us were able to make it to Kelowna, Vernon and Salmon Arm to race with the Okanagan Team. We would like to thank Chris from the Okanagan Club and Rick and Paul from Washington State for making the trek to join us at our races.

Our first race of the season in the Lower Mainland was at Aldergrove Fair Days. The weekend was hot and the turnout was great. This race was a challenge to us because a BMX track was adapted for the mowers. A big thanks to RONA South Langley for coming out to get the track going for us! The visibility was a challenge, and the track was dusty, but that all adds to the excitement of the race. We had a great crowd turnout and when the track was taken care of and watered down, we got into the mud and raced like the trophies mattered. Here is a link to the Langley Times article.

Our second local race was in Chilliwack. Chilliwack had a massive fair at the beginning of August. There were Motor Cross Races, a Tractor Pull and Equestrian activities. Clearly, the excitement was at the lawnmower track. This race, we welcomed Kyle as a new member of our club. He did well. It's always great to have another person on the track. Derek also came back for this race! We missed racing with him, though his help with flagging is always very appreciated. Once the dust was conquered, the races went smoothly and most of us went home with mowers in one piece.

In September, we raced at Agassiz Fall Fair. This was probably the biggest crowd we have ever seen. There were two crashes, most of us left unscathed, Mikes mower lost and then recovered a tire. Lordco sponsored us with a gift card that went home with the fastest mod mower.Thank you to the Maple Ridge Lordco! The Globe and Mail were there to take some photos. 

Here are some bonus videos from the Vernon Vintage Tractor Pull

Thanks to Mike Trautman for the videos! And a HUGE Thank you to Bonnie Trautman for organizing all the results, for finding the sponsors and for everything else I forgot. ALSO to all the other people who helped out flagging and setting up/ taking down, we really appreciate your help. 

See you all in the spring.

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